Thank you for leaving me a nice message <3


2:05am 03-14-2023
LOVE the oingo boingo shrine
12:19pm 02-14-2023
Hey there! Your site is super cool; the weirdcore shrine really caught my eye! Also your OCs seem like a very colorful bunch. I loved reading about them

p.s. Thanks for the follow too
12:13am 02-14-2023
CUTE SITE!! i love ur witchcraft altar... very sick aesthetic too. <3
1:00am 02-13-2023
yoooooooooooo i love what youve done with ur site, my dude
Replied on: 1:54pm 02-13-2023

thank you bestie!! i can't wait to see what yours turns out to be!

1:21pm 02-11-2023
thanks for visiting my site, Saw your oingo boingo/Dany Elman shrine you got good taste I see
10:08pm 02-05-2023
Bro your ocs slap so hard omfg i love??? the aesthetic of your site also fucks hard
Replied on: 2:50pm 02-06-2023

AAA Im glad you really like my ocs! they mean a lot to me <3
and thank you! i try to make each page a different aesthetic bc i love so many of them.

12:52pm 02-04-2023
Your site is so cool!!! Love the aesthetic and the music choices :>
Replied on: 2:50pm 02-06-2023

thank you! im glad you like the music!

8:51pm 01-30-2023
LOVE DA SITE! dark colors on the home page make it feel super cozy... n with the nostalgic music too...
9:05pm 01-23-2023
Thank you so much for the kind words in my guestbook! If only my real life were as organized as my site, I'd have my mess together, lol.

Love your site; the "eat my ass, satan" sparkletext made me laugh immediately. Also dig the shrines--holy WHAT I did not know Danny Elfman was in such shape, let alone all the tattoos, whoa. :O